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Bush to address US on bailout at 9 P.M. EDT, according to Fox Business

Posted by financialbriefs on September 24, 2008


7 Responses to “Bush to address US on bailout at 9 P.M. EDT, according to Fox Business”

  1. jwojdylo said

    It should be very interesting to see what he has to say… opinion is stated on

  2. batguano101 said

    No to the bailout.
    No to the congress and media trying to sell out the nation.
    No to rewarding criminals for their crimes.

  3. financialbriefs said

    and what’s your solution?…if they don’t pass this, we are really up to our necks in it…you have to understand, it’s all based on faith and perception of security…the banking system is broken…better this than the alternative, and no one wants that.

  4. batguano101 said


    The nation was bankrupt under this administration.

    An economic disaster is not a yes or no vote, it is a fact.

    Stalling while rewarding further the very people who caused it is not an option.

    You just cannot accept we are about to have major life style changes, and hope adding fuel to the fire fixes the problem.

    Thank the folk who brought you the S&L scam, same folks, and get on with it.

    NO to the bail outs.
    NO to the congress, Fed, and administration that caused them.
    NO to the media that is selling out America.

    You do not reward criminals for their crimes.

  5. financialbriefs said

    not only this administration…ever since the gold standard was abolished…it’s never as bad as reported or as good as reported, somewhere in the middle…we’ll muddle through, housing will bottom, people will borrow again, speculate again, it’s all cyclical, you know the old saying, ‘economist have predicted 23 of the last 9 recessions’…

  6. batguano101 said

    Financial- that puts you in the trillion dollar “tip” to the architects of the crisis column.

    Very well-

    If it goes that way, I presume you are prepared to offer equity for gun toting bank robbers.

    Provide all bank robbers (the gun type), who have spent the money robbed, with 5 million dollars and a book deal.

    If you provide a golden parachute for one set of bank robbers, all bank robbers should have the same- it is only fair.

    Along these lines- a tax free Treasury check to Phil Gram for a couple of hundred million for the 1999 repeal of the 1933 law allowing the scam, and say one billion even to our president, George W. Bush, are appropriate- each public official, congressperson, etc. should receive a reward equal to facilitating or protecting the crimes of the scam.

    And of course checks for as many billions as they wish to the Fed members.

    I disagree we are going to muddle through this one as usual. It might be a “form of government” changer.

  7. financialbriefs said

    again, it’s never as bad as it seems…I have to be more optimistic, not that I have faith in government, but it’s the general population that will eventually keep things in check…eventually..

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